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A Mom for Christmas 1990 Disney Film | Olivia Newton-John, Juliet Sorci

What's your review of the 1990 Disney film A Mom for Christmas? It's directed by George Miller, and stars Olivia Newton-John and Juliet Sorci.

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About A Mom for Christmas 1990

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A Mom for Christmas plot from IMDb:

The trailer can be found online.

Director: George Miller

Writers: Barbara Dillon, Gerald Di Pego

Cast and Characters:

Olivia Newton-John - Amy Miller

Juliet Sorci - Jessica Slocum

Doug Sheehan - Jim Slocum

Carmen Argenziano - Sergeant Morelli

Aubrey Morris - Nicholas

Jim Piddock - Wilkins

Doris Roberts - Philomena

Elliot Moss Greenbaum - Chip Wright

Erica Mitchell - Stephanie Clark

Jesse Vincent - Teddy O'Neill

Brett Harrelson - Kendall

Steve Russell - Mr Milliman

Greg Procaccino - Detective Price

Ronald M. Lautore - Fire Captain

Helen Whitelow

Justin DiPego

Kathy Lubow - Lora

Dan Okenfuss - First speaking elf

Production Companies

Steve White Productions

The Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney Television

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