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White Fang 1991 Disney Film | Ethan Hawke

What's your review of the 1991 Disney film White Fang? It's directed by Randal Kleiser, and stars Ethan Hawke.

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About White Fang 1991

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White Fang plot from IMDb:

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Klaus Maria Brandauer as Alex Larson

Ethan Hawke as Jack Conroy

Seymour Cassel as Clarence 'Skunker' Thurston

James Remar as Beauty Smith

Susan Hogan as Belinda Casey

Suzanne Kent as Heather

Bill Moseley as Luke

Pius Savage as Grey Beaver

Jed as White Fang

Clint Youngreen as Tinker

Michael Davis Lally as Sykes

Aaron Hotch as Mit-sah

Diane E. Benson as Kloo-koosh

Bart the Bear as Bear

Directed by Randal Kleiser

Screenplay by Jeanne Rosenberg, Nick Thiel, David Fallon

Based on White Fang by Jack London

Production companies: Walt Disney Pictures, Silver Screen Partners IV

Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Release date: January 18, 1991


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