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Stay 2005 Film | Ewan McGregor, Ryan Gosling

What's your review of the 2005 film Stay? It's directed by Marc Forster, and stars Ewan McGregor and Ryan Gosling.

#Stay #EwanMcGregor #RyanGosling #filmreview #filmreviews #moviereview #moviereviews #film #films #movie #movies Do you want to watch Stay? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it?

About Stay 2005

Wondering where to watch Stay? If you know anywhere to stream or watch Stay full movie online free, feel free to share this information! Most of the films and TV shows I review can be found on Amazon Prime, Netflix, DVD, or blu-ray.

Stay plot from IMDb:

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Ewan McGregor as Dr. Sam Foster

Naomi Watts as Lila Culpepper

Ryan Gosling as Henry Letham

Bob Hoskins as Dr. Leon Patterson

Janeane Garofalo as Dr. Beth Levy

Elizabeth Reaser as Athena

B.D. Wong as Dr. Bradley Ren

Kate Burton as Maureen Letham

Amy Sedaris as Toni

Isaach de Bankolé as The Professor

Michael Gaston as Sheriff Kennelly

Directed by Marc Forster

Written by David Benioff

Music by Asche & Spencer

Production companies: Regency Enterprises, New Regency

Distributed by 20th Century Fox

Release dates: September 24, 2005 (Rio), October 21, 2005


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