Skirts Ahoy! 1952 Musical Film | Debbie Reynolds, Esther Williams

What's your review of the 1952 musical film Skirts Ahoy? It's directed by Sidney Lanfield, and stars Esther Williams, Joan Evans, Vivian Blaine, and Debbie Reynolds.

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About Skirts Ahoy 1952

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Skirts Ahoy plot from IMDb: "Three women in three different situations report for induction at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station and end up roommates. What follows is a frothy and fun musical."

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Esther Williams as Whitney Young

Joan Evans as Mary Kate Yarbrough (singing voice dubbed by Joan Elms)

Vivian Blaine as Una Yancy

Barry Sullivan as Lt. Cmdr. Paul Elcott

Keefe Brasselle as Dick Hallson

Billy Eckstine as Himself

Dean Miller as Archie O'Conovan

The DeMarco Sisters as the Williams sisters

Juanita Moore as Black Drill Team Member

Bobba and Kathy Tongay, better known as the Aquatots

Debbie Reynolds and Bobby Van performing "Oh By Jingo!"

Directed by Sidney Lanfield

Written by Isobel Lennart

Produced by Joe Pasternak

Cinematography: William Mellor

Edited by Cotton Warburton

Music by Harry Warren, Ralph Blane

Production company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Distributed by Loew's, Inc.

Release date: September 8, 1952

Running time: 109 minutes

Budget: $2,003,000

Box office: $4,049,000

Skirts Ahoy Soundtrack Songs:


Glad to Have You Aboard

What Makes a Wave?

What Good Is a Gal (Without a Guy)

Hold Me Close to You

Oh by Jingo

The Navy Waltz

Water Sequence


For reference, below is a list of frequently asked questions and discussion topics!

Who were the 5 sisters in Skirts Ahoy?

The five Williams sisters in Skirts Ahoy are the DeMarco sisters: Antoinette (Anne), Jeanette (Gina), Gloria, Terri, and Arlene.

Where was Skirts Ahoy filmed?

Skirts Ahoy was filmed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station in Illinois.