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Love Struck Cafe plot from IMDb: "Megan Quinn, an aspiring architect, finds herself faced with multiple tasks. She gets sent to her hometown to try to convince Mrs. Frances Figgins, her childhood mentor, to sell her family's home so that Megan's company can develop her hometown lake into a commercialized entertainment center. Megan also starts and helping out at her family café after her father breaks his leg, all while also dealing with the return of her childhood sweetheart, Joe, who broke her heart."

Director: Mike Robe

Writers: Mike Robe, Robert Tate Miller

Cast and Characters:

Sarah Jane Morris Megan Quinn

Andrew W. Walker Joe Wainright

Garry Chalk Matt Quinn

Cassidy Nugent Lily Wainright

Dolores Drake Frances Figgins

Casey Manderson Philip Carter

Ben Wilkinson Jordan St. Clair

Jordyn Ashley Olson Megan Quinn 18 Years Old

Nicholas Bradbury Joe Wainright 18 Years Old

Jenna Hastings Rosie Quinn

Lucy McNulty Violet

Angela Moore Dottie

Albert Nicholas Rodrigo

Jacky Lai Chloe

Chris Shields Dr Baker

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