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Damien: Omen II 1978 Horror Film Sequel

What's your review of the 1978 horror film sequel Damien: Omen II (sometimes Omen II: Damien)? It's directed by Don Taylor, and stars Jonathan Scott-Taylor as Damien.

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About Damien: Omen II 1978

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Damien: Omen II plot from IMDb:

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

William Holden as Richard Thorn

Lee Grant as Ann Thorn

Jonathan Scott-Taylor as Damien Thorn

Robert Foxworth as Paul Buher

Lew Ayres as Bill Atherton

Sylvia Sidney as Aunt Marion

Nicholas Pryor as Dr. Charles Warren

Lance Henriksen as Sergeant Daniel Neff

Elizabeth Shephard as Joan Hart

Leo McKern as Carl Bugenhagen

Ian Hendry as Michael Morgan

Lucas Donat as Mark Thorn

Allan Arbus as Dr. David Pasarian

Meshach Taylor as Dr. J. Kayne

Directed by Don Taylor

Screenplay by Stanley Mann, Mike Hodges

Music by Jerry Goldsmith

Production company: Mace Neufeld Productions

Distributed by 20th Century Fox

Release date: June 9, 1978


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