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Blackbeard's Ghost 1968 Disney Film | Dean Jones, Peter Ustinov

What's your review of the 1968 Disney film Blackbeard's Ghost? It's directed by Robert Stevenson, and stars Dean Jones, Peter Ustinov, and Suzanne Pleshette.

About Blackbeard's Ghost 1968

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Blackbeard's Ghost plot from IMDb:

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Peter Ustinov as Captain Blackbeard

Dean Jones as Steve Walker

Suzanne Pleshette as Jo Anne Baker

Elsa Lanchester as Emily Stowecroft

Joby Baker as Silky Seymour

Elliott Reid as TV commentator

Richard Deacon as Dean Roland Wheaton

Norman Grabowski as Virgil

Kelly Thordsen as Motorcycle Cop

Michael Conrad as Pinetop Purvis

Herbie Faye as Croupier

George Murdock as Head official

Hank Jones as Gudger Larkin

Ned Glass as Teller

Gil Lamb as Waiter

Alan Carney as Bartender

Ted Markland as Charles

Lou Nova as Leon

Charlie Brill as Edward

Herb Vigran as Danny Oly

William Fawcett as Mr. Ainsworth, Bank Official

Betty Bronson as Old Lady

Elsie Baker as Old Lady

Kathryn Minner as Old Lady

Sara Taft as Old Lady

Directed by Robert Stevenson

Screenplay by Don DaGradi, Bill Walsh

Based on Blackbeard's Ghost 1965 novel by Ben Stahl

Music by Robert F. Brunner

Production company: Walt Disney Productions

Distributed by Buena Vista Distribution

Release date: February 8, 1968


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