Addams Family Reunion 1998 Film | Tim Curry, Daryl Hannah

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Addams Family Reunion plot from IMDb: "The Addams Family goes on a search for their relatives."

Addams Family Reunion trailer on IMDb:

Directed by Dave Payne

Produced by Mike Elliott

Written by Rob Kerchner, Scott Sandin

Based on The Addams Family by Charles Addams

Music by Amotz Plessner

Cinematography: Christian Sebaldt

Edited by J. J. Jackson

Production company: Saban Entertainment

Distributed by Warner Home Video

Release date: September 22, 1998

Running time: 91 minutes

Cast and Characters:

Tim Curry as Gomez Addams

Daryl Hannah as Morticia Addams

Nicole Fugere as Wednesday Addams

Jerry Messing as Pugsley Addams

Patrick Thomas as Uncle Fester Addams

Carel Struycken as Lurch

Christopher Hart's hand as Thing

Alice Ghostley as Grandmama Addams

Kevin McCarthy as Great-grandfather Mortimer Addams

Estelle Harris as Great-grandmother Delilah Addams

Haylie Duff as Gina Adams

Phil Fondacaro as Cousin Itt

Ed Begley Jr. as Dr. Philip Adams

Ray Walston as Walter Adams

Diane Delano as Dolores Adams

Heidi Noelle Lenhart as Melinda Adams

Hilary Shepard Turner as Katherine Adams

Rodger Halston as Geoff Adams