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A Christmas Carol 1982 Animated Film | Charles Dickens

What's your review of the 1982 animated film A Christmas Carol? It's directed by Jean Tych and is based on the story by Charles Dickens.

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About A Christmas Carol 1982

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A Christmas Carol plot from IMDb:

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Ron Haddrick as Ebenezer Scrooge

Phillip Hinton as Bob Cratchit

Sean Hinton as Tiny Tim Cratchit and Peter Cratchit

Barbara Frawley as Emily Cratchit

Robin Stewart as Fred, Ghost of Christmas Past, Child Scrooge, and Turkey Fetcher

Liz Horne as Martha Cratchit and Belinda Cratchit

Bill Conn as Jacob Marley, Solicitors, Schoolmaster, Mr Fezziwig, Ghost of Christmas Present, Mr Topper, and Old Joe

Derani Scarr as Fred's Wife and Belle

Anne Haddy as Fan

Screenplay by Alexander Buzo

Story by Charles Dickens

Directed by Jean Tych

Theme music composer: Neil Thurgate

Production company: Burbank Films Australia

Original network: Nine Network

Original release: 22 December 1982


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