What Kind of Toy Is Noddy? | Noddy FAQ

What kind of toy is Noddy?

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This is a frequently asked question on Google. I thought I’d answer it here!

Noddy describes himself as “a little nodding man” in Noddy Goes to Toyland, the first Noddy book by Enid Blyton. Old Man Carver who lived in the woods carved Noddy out of wood.

Noddy doesn’t not consider himself to be a toy, but Big Ears suggests that he goes to Toyland as Noddy has run away because he is lonely, and he doesn’t know where else to go.

Once he gets to Toyland, the policeman asks him if he might be an ornament. Noddy thinks that he might be a toy.

Eventually it is determined that he is a good toy and a brave toy, and he can live in Toyland.