They're Off 1948 Disney Goofy Cartoon Short Film

What's your review of the 1948 Disney animated cartoon short film They're Off? It's directed by Jack Hannah, and stars Pinto Colvig as Goofy.

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About They're Off

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Y allá van, All'ippodromo

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They're Off plot from IMDb: "At the race track, various spectators (all Goofy lookalikes) are playing the ponies. A posh rich Goofy bets on the equally posh Snapshot III while another more common looking Goofy bets on the bedraggled Old Moe. When the race begins, Snapshot and the rider are so overconfident they wait a few minutes after the race has begun to start running."

Cast and Characters:

Goofy (voiced by Pinto Colvig)

Snapshot III

Old Moe

Unicorn Ponies (cameo)

Narrator (voiced by Harlow Wilcox)

Directed by Jack Hannah

Produced by Walt Disney

Written by Riley Thomson, Campbell Grant

Music by Oliver Wallace

Studio: Walt Disney Productions

Distributor: RKO Radio Pictures

Released: January 23, 1948