The Tunnel of Love 1958 Film | Doris Day, Richard Widmark

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About the Tunnel of Love

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Tunnel of Love plot from IMDb: "A series of misunderstandings leaves a married man believing he has impregnated the owner of an adoption agency, and that she will be his and his wife's surrogate."

Tunnel of Love trailer on IMDb:

Directed by Gene Kelly

Written by Joseph Fields

Based on The Tunnel of Love 1954 novel by Peter De Vries and Jerome Chodorov

Produced by Joseph Fields, Martin Melcher

Cinematography: Robert J. Bronner

Edited by John McSweeney

Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Release date: November 21, 1958

Running time: 98 minutes

Budget: $2,017,000

Box office: $2,690,000

Cast and Characters:

Doris Day as Isolde Poole

Richard Widmark as August 'Augie' Poole

Gig Young as Dick Pepper

Gia Scala as Estelle Novick

Elisabeth Fraser as Alice Pepper

Elizabeth Wilson as Miss MacCracken

Vikki Dougan as Gladys Dunne