The Secret Ingredient 2020 Hallmark Film | Erin Cahill, Brendan Penny

What's your review of the 2020 Hallmark film the Secret Ingredient? It's directed by Tibor Takacs, and stars Erin Cahill, Brendan Penny, and Maneet Chauhan. #TheSecretIngredient #Hallmark #ErinCahill Do you want to watch the Secret Ingredient? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About the Secret Ingredient

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd):

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Secret Ingredient plot from IMDb: "Small-town baker, Kelly, gets a big surprise when she is invited to compete on a Valentine's Day baking show in New York City - and an even bigger surprise when she runs into her ex-fiancé."

The trailer can be found online.

Director: Tibor Takács

Writers: S.W. Sessions (teleplay by), Nancy Naigle (based on the book by)

Cast and Characters:

Erin Cahill as Kelly McIntyre

Brendan Penny as Andrew York

Maneet Chauhan as Maneet Chauhan

Gwynyth Walsh as Mrs. McIntyre

Cherissa Richards as Brenda

Shannon Coast as Lori

Amy Groening as Sara

Tom Anniko as Mr. McIntyre

Chelsea Rankin as Dawn York

Nan Fewchuk as Mrs. York

Shannon Guile as Jennifer

Mariam Bernstein as Chef Georgie

Adam Hurtig as Chef Abraham

Aidan Moreno as Chef Collin

Garth Merkeley as Limo Driver

David Lawrence Brown as Chef François(as Dave Brown)

Cheryl Soluk as Mrs. Francis

Paul Magel as Henry

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