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Updated: Apr 10

What's your review of the 2020 film sequel the Princess Switch: Switched Again? The Princess Switch 2 is directed by Mike Rohl, and stars Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy, Margaret, and Fiona. #ThePrincessSwitch #SwitchedAgain #VanessaHudgens Do you want to watch the second Princess Switch film? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About the Princess Switch: Switched Again

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): 크리스마스 스위치: 한 번 더 바꿔?, La Princesse de Chicago 2, Prinsessen og dobbeltgjengeren: Nye forvekslinger, 크리스마스 스위치 2, Intercambio de Princesas 2, スイッチング・プリンセス: もう一度スイッチ!

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The Princess Switch Switched Again plot from IMDb: "When Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne to Montenaro and hits a rough patch with Kevin, it's up to her double Stacy to save the day before a new lookalike, party girl Fiona foils their plans."

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters (from Wiki):

Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy Juliette De Novo Wyndham, Princess of Belgravia and Edward's wife; Lady Margaret Katherine Claire Delacourt, Queen of Montenaro (former Duchess of Montenaro), Kevin's eventual wife and Olivia's eventual stepmother; Lady Fiona Pembroke, Margaret’s cousin.

Sam Palladio as Edward Wyndham, Prince of Belgravia and Stacy's husband

Nick Sagar as Kevin Richards, Margaret's husband and future Prince Consort of Montenaro

Suanne Braun as Mrs Donatelli

Mark Fleischmann as Frank De Luca

Ricky Norwood as Reggie

Florence Hall as Mindy

Lachlan Nieboer as Count Antonio Rossi

Mia Lloyd as Olivia Richards, Kevin’s daughter and Margaret’s eventual stepdaughter

Cameo appearances

Rose McIver as Queen Amber of Aldovia

Ben Lamb as King Richard of Aldovia

Directed by Mike Rohl

Written by Robin Bernheim Burger, Megan Metzger

Produced by Steven R. McGlothen, Vanessa Hudgens, Brad Krevoy

Cinematography: Fernando Argüelles Fernandez

Edited by Lara Mazur

Music by Alan Lazar

Production companies: MPCA, Brad Krevoy Television

Distributed by Netflix

Release date: November 19, 2020

Running time: 98 minutes

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