The Money Pit 1986 Film | Shelley Long + Tom Hanks

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Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Hogar Dulce Hogar, Um Dia a Casa Cai

The Money Pit plot from IMDb: "A young couple struggles to repair a hopelessly dilapidated house."

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Directed by Richard Benjamin

Produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Art Levinson, Frank Marshall

Written by David Giler, Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel (uncredited)

Music by Michel Colombier

Cinematography: Gordon Willis

Edited by Jacqueline Cambas

Production company: Amblin Entertainment

Distributed by Universal Pictures

Release date: March 26, 1986

Running time: 91 minutes

Budget: $10 million

Box office: $54.9 million

Cast and Characters:

Tom Hanks as Walter Fielding, Jr.

Shelley Long as Anna Crowley

Alexander Godunov as Max Beissart

Maureen Stapleton as Estelle

Joe Mantegna as Art Shirk

Philip Bosco as Curly

Frankie Faison as James

Josh Mostel as Jack Schnittman

Yakov Smirnoff as Shatov

Carmine Caridi as Brad Shirk

Brian Backer as Ethan

Mia Dillon as Marika

John van Dreelen as Carlos

Douglass Watson as Walter Fielding, Sr.

Tetchie Agbayani as Florinda Fielding

Michael Jeter as Arnie

Afemo Omilami as Bernie

Bruno Iannone as Sol