The Lady and the Tramp 1955 Disney Animation Film

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Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Lady & Lufsen

About the Lady and the Tramp Film

Directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske

Produced by Walt Disney

Story by Erdman Penner, Joe Rinaldi, Ralph Wright, Don DaGradi

Based on "Happy Dan, The Cynical Dog" by Ward Greene

Music by Oliver Wallace

Edited by Don Halliday

Production company: Walt Disney Productions

Distributed by Buena Vista Distribution

Release date: June 22, 1955

Running time: 76 minutes

Budget: $4 million

Box office: $187 million

Plot from Wikipedia: “On Christmas evening in the year 1909, in a quaint town, Jim Dear gives his wife Darling a Spanish cocker spaniel puppy named Lady. Lady enjoys a joyful life with the couple and befriends two local neighborhood dogs, a Scottish terrier named Jock, and a bloodhound named Trusty. Meanwhile, across town, a stray mutt named Tramp lives on his own, dining on scraps from Tony's Italian restaurant and protecting his fellow strays Peg (a Pekingese) and Bull (a bulldog) from the local dogcatcher. One day, Lady is upset after her owners begin treating her rather coldly. Jock and Trusty visit her and determine that their change in behavior is due to Darling expecting a baby. While Jock and Trusty try to explain what a baby is, Tramp interrupts the conversation and offers his own thoughts on the matter, making Jock and Trusty take an immediate dislike to the stray and order him out of the yard. As Tramp leaves, he reminds Lady that "when a baby moves in, a dog moves out."”

Cast and Characters:

Barbara Luddy Lady, an American Cocker Spaniel

Larry Roberts Tramp, a Schnauzer mix of apparent Terrier ancestry

Bill Thompson Jock, a Scottish Terrier

Bill Baucom Trusty, a bloodhound

Verna Felton Aunt Sarah

George Givot Tony, owner, and chef of Tony's Italian restaurant

Lee Millar Jim Dear

Peggy Lee Darling

Stan Freberg the beaver

Alan Reed Boris, a stray male Borzoi from the dog pound

Thurl Ravenscroft Al the alligator

Dallas McKennon Toughy

The Mellomen as Dog Chorus

Si and Am the Siamese cats

The film was released on VHS, DVD, and blu-ray. There is a live-action remake on Disney+.

Accolades: David di Donatello Awards, Best Foreign Producer

Lady and the Tramp Songs Soundtrack List:

Main Title (Bella Notte) / The Wag of a Dog's Tail

Peace on Earth (Silent Night)

It Has a Ribbon / Lady to Bed / A Few Mornings Later

Sunday / The Rat / Morning Paper

A New Blue Collar / Lady Talks To Jock & Trusty / It's Jim Dear

What a Day! / Breakfast at Tony's

Warning / Breakout / Snob Hill / A Wee Bairn

Countdown to B-Day

Baby's First Morning / What Is a Baby / La La Lu

Going Away / Aunt Sarah

The Siamese Cat Song / What's Going on Down There?

The Muzzle / Wrong Side of the Tracks

You Poor Kid / He's Not My Dog

Through the Zoo / A Log Puller

Footloose and Collar-Free / A Night at the Restaurant / Bella Notte

It's Morning / Ever Chase Chickens / Caught

Home Sweet Home

The Pound

What a Dog / He's a Tramp

In the Doghouse / The Rat Returns / Falsely Accused / We've Got to Stop That Wagon / Trusty's Sacrifice

Watch the Birdie / Visitors

Finale (Peace on Earth )

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