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What's your review of the 1921 silent film the Kid, starring Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan as the Tramp and the Kid respectively? #TheKid #Chaplin #CharlieChaplin Do you love Charlie Chaplin films? Did you see the trailer and then rush out to see the full movie or buy the DVD or blu ray? I’d love to know your own reviews if you saw it in the cinema or streamed it online! You can scroll down for more information, or check out the Rotten Tomatoes rating, IMDb page, or Wikipedia article!

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Le gosse, Charlie Chaplin - The Kid, El Pibe, Хлапето, Charlies plejebarn, Mališan, Dzieciak, Brzdąc, 키드, 寻子遇仙记, Малыш, キッド, Το Χαμίνι, Het Jochie

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About the Charlie Chaplin Kid Movie

Directed, produced, and written by Charlie Chaplin

Starring Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Coogan, Edna Purviance

Music by Charlie Chaplin (1972 re-release)

Cinematography: R. H. Totheroh

Edited by Charlie Chaplin

Production company: Charles Chaplin Productions

Distributed by First National

Release date: January 21, 1921 (Premiere), February 6, 1921

Running time: 68 minutes(original cut), 53 minutes (1972 re-release)

Language: Silent (English intertitles)

Budget: $250,000

Box office: $5,450,000

The Kid Plot from Wikipedia: “The Kid is a 1921 American silent comedy-drama film written by, produced by, directed by, and starring Charlie Chaplin, and features Jackie Coogan as his foundling baby, adopted son and sidekick.”

The Kid Cast and Characters:

Carl Miller The Man

Edna Purviance The Woman

Jackie Coogan The Child (as Jack Coogan)

Charles Chaplin A Tramp (as Charlie Chaplin)

Albert Austin Car Thief / Man in Shelter

Beulah Bains Bride

Nellie Bly Baker Slum Nurse

Henry Bergman Professor Guido / Night Shelter Keeper

Edward Biby Orphan Asylum Driver

F. Blinn His Assistant

Kitty Bradbury Bride's Mother

Frank Campeau Welfare Officer

Bliss Chevalier Extra in Wedding Scene

Frances Cochran Extra in Reception Scene

Elsie Codd Extra in Alley Scene

Jack Coogan Sr. Pickpocket / Guest / Devil

Estelle Cook Extra in Wedding Scene

Lillian Crane Extra in Wedding Scene

Philip D'Oench Extra in Wedding Scene

Dan Dillon Bum

Robert Dunbar Bridegroom

Florette Faulkner Extra in Wedding Scene

Rupert Franklin Bride's father / Extra in Reception Scene

Sadie Gordon Extra in Heaven Scene

Lita Grey Flirtatious Angel

Frank Hale Extra in Reception Scene

Martha Hall Extra in Wedding Scene

Jules Hanft Physician

Louise Hathaway Extra in Alley Scene

Silas Hathaway The Kid as a Baby

Flora Howard Bridesmaid

Ed Hunt Extra in Reception Scene

Lulu Jenks Extra in Heaven Scene

Irene Jennings Extra in Wedding Scene

Kathleen Kay Maid

Grace Keller Extra in Wedding Scene

Sarah Kernan Extra in Wedding Scene

Raymond Lee His Kid Brother

Walter Lynch Tough Cop

V. Madison Extra in Wedding Scene

Clyde McAtee Extra in Reception Scene

Michael J. McCarthy Extra (angel) Heaven & (cook) Alley Scene

John McKinnon Chief of Police

Ethel O'Neil Extra in Heaven Scene

Lew Parker Extra in Heaven Scene

Charles I. Pierce Extra in Wedding Scene

Laura Pollard Extra in Heaven Scene

Evans Quirk Extra in Wedding Scene

Esther Ralston Extra in Heaven Scene

Granville Redmond The Man's Friend

Charles Reisner Bully

Henry Roser Extra in Heaven Scene

J.B. Russell Extra in Wedding Scene

George V. Sheldon Extra in Reception Scene

Edgar Sherrod Priest

Elsie Sindora Bridesmaid

Minnie Stearns Fierce Woman

Arthur Thalasso Car Thief with gun

Mother Vinot Extra in Alley Scene

May White Edna's Maid

S.D. Wilcox Cop

Baby Wilson Baby in Carriage

Edith Wilson Lady with Baby Carriage

Tom Wilson Policeman

Amanda Yanez Extra in Alley Scene

Baby Yanez Extra in Alley Scene

Elsie Young Extra in Wedding Scene

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