The Doris Day Show S01E03 The Friend

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About the Doris Day Show The Friend

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The Friend plot from IMDb:

Director: Bob Sweeney

Writers: E. Duke Vincent, Bruce Johnson

Cast and Characters:

Doris Day - Doris Martin

Denver Pyle - Buck Webb

Fran Ryan - Aggie Thompson

James Hampton - LeRoy B. Simpson

Philip Brown - Billy Martin

Todd Starke - Toby Martin (as Tod Starke)

Lord Nelson - Nelson the Sheepdog

Woodrow Parfrey - Maxwell Digby

Peggy Rea - Grace Henley

George Morgan - Brig Mitchell

Lisa Gerritsen - Jackie Clements

Raymond Kark - Harvey Miller

Cheri Grant - Patty

R.G. Armstrong - Henry R. Pritchart