The Doris Day Show S01E01 Dinner for Mom | First Episode

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About the Doris Day Show Dinner for Mom:

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd):

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Dinner for Mom plot from IMDb: "It's Doris' birthday and the boys want to treat her to a dinner out. What's more they insist on paying for it themselves. Doris has some backup money just in case. When they arrive at the restaurant it's not quite what Doris was's a smoke filled Road House. When the check comes the boys are short and her backup money didn't quite pan out."

Director: Bob Sweeney

Writers: Dick Bensfield, Perry Grant, Sidney Morse (story editor)

Cast and Characters:

Doris Day as Doris Martin

Denver Pyle as Buck Webb

Fran Ryan as Aggie Thompson

James Hampton as LeRoy B. Simpson

Philip Brown as Billy Martin

Todd Starke as Toby Martin (as Tod Starke)

Lord Nelson as Nelson the Sheepdog

Norman Alden as Road House Manager (as Norm Alden)

Leonard Stone as Waiter

James J. Casino as Diner Patron (uncredited)

George Russell as Diner Patron (uncredited)

Joe Walls as Diner Patron (uncredited)