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The Blue Boy 1994 Film | Emma Thompson, Phyllida Law, Adrian Dunbar

What's your review of the 1994 film the Blue Boy? It's directed by Paul Murton, and stars Emma Thompson, Phyllida Law, and Adrian Dunbar. #TheBlueBoy #EmmaThompson #AdrianDunbar Do you want to watch the Blue Boy? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!


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The Blue Boy plot from IMDb: "Marie Bonnar (Dame Emma Thompson) is an insecure housewife whose husband, Joe (Adrian Dunbar), is having an affair. The two of them take a vacation to rural Scotland, but by sheer bad luck, end up at the hotel Joe uses for his "getaways". There, Marie is told the story of a young boy who drowned in a nearby lake long ago, and finds herself becoming more and more obsessed with his ghost."

Written by Paul Murton

Directed by Paul Murton

Theme music composer: Philip Appleby

Producer: Kate Swan

Running time: 64 minutes

Production company: BBC Scotland

Distributor: BBC, PBS

Original release: 2 January 1995 (UK), 2 October 1994 (US)

Cast and Characters:

Emma Thompson as Marie Bonner

Adrian Dunbar as Joe Bonner

Phyllida Law as Marie's mother

Eleanor Bron as Christine

David Horovitch as Robert

Joanna Roth as Beth

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