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What's your review of the 1961 Walt Disney film the Absent-Minded Professor, also known as the first Flubber film? It's directed by Robert Stevenson, and starring Fred MacMurray. #AbsentMindedProfessor #Flubber #FredMacMurray Do you want to watch the Absent-Minded Professor? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!


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Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Monte là-dessus !

The Absent-Minded Professor plot from IMDb: "A college professor invents an anti-gravity substance which a corrupt businessman wants for himself."

Directed by Robert Stevenson

Produced by Walt Disney, Bill Walsh

Written by Bill Walsh

Based on "A Situation of Gravity" 1922 short story by Samuel W. Taylor

Music by George Bruns

Cinematography: Edward Colman

Edited by Cotton Warburton

Production company: Walt Disney Productions

Distributed by Buena Vista Distribution

Release date: March 16, 1961

Running time: 97 minutes

Box office: $25.4 million

Cast and Characters:

Fred MacMurray Professor Ned Brainard

Nancy Olson Betsy Carlisle

Keenan Wynn Alonzo P. Hawk

Tommy Kirk Biff Hawk

Leon Ames President Jeffrey Daggett

Elliott Reid Professor Shelby Ashton

Edward Andrews Defense Secretary

David Lewis General Singer

Jack Mullaney Air Force Captain

Belle Montrose Mrs. Chatsworth

Wally Brown Coach Elkins

Wally Boag TV Newsman

Don Ross Lenny

Forrest Lewis Officer Kelley

James Westerfield Officer Hanson

Gage Clarke Reverend Bosworth

Alan Hewitt General Hotchkiss

Raymond Bailey Admiral Olmstead

Ed Wynn Fire Chief

Charlie Scottish Terrier dog