Scaredy Cat 1948 Looney Tunes Porky Pig + Sylvester Cartoon Short Film

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What's your review of the 1948 Warner Bros Looney Tunes animated cartoon short film Scaredy Cat? It's directed by Chuck Jones, and stars Mel Blanc as the voice of Porky Pig and Sylvester the cat. #ScaredyCat #PorkyPig #Sylvester Do you want to watch Scaredy Cat?

About Scaredy Cat

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Scaredy Cat plot from IMDb: "Porky and Sylvester spend the night in an old dark house where a cult of killer mice try to eliminate them both. Sylvester tries warning Porky, but he is convinced that Sylvester is a coward."

Cast and Characters:

Mel Blanc as Porky Pig and Sylvester the Cat

Directed by Charles M. Jones

Story by Michael Maltese

Produced by Edward Selzer

Music by Carl Stalling

Animation by Lloyd Vaughan, Ken Harris, Phil Monroe, Ben Washam, Abe Levitow (uncredited), A.C. Gamer (effects animation) (uncredited)

Layouts by Robert Gribbroek

Backgrounds by Peter Alvarado

Color process: Technicolor

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, The Vitaphone Corporation

Release dates: December 18, 1948 (US), June 2, 1956 (US reissue)

Running time: 7:25