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What's your review of the 2013 animated Christmas film Saving Santa? It's directed by Leon Joosen and Aaron Seelman. #SavingSanta #MartinFreeman #animation Do you want to watch Saving Santa? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About Saving Santa

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): 세이빙 산타, Como Salvar o Pai Natal, サンタを救え! ~クリスマス大作戦~

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Saving Santa plot from IMDb: "A lowly stable elf finds that he is the only one who can stop an invasion of the North Pole by using the secret of Santa's Sleigh, a TimeGlobe, to travel back in time to Save Santa, twice."

The trailer can be found online.

Voice Cast and Characters:

Martin Freeman as Bernard D. Elf

Tim Curry as Neville Baddington

Noel Clarke as Snowy

Tim Conway as Santa

Pam Ferris as Mrs. Clause

Ashley Tisdale as Shiny

Joan Collins as Vera Baddington

Chris Barrie as Blitzen

Nicholas Guest as Chestnut

Richard Steven Horvitz as Orange Haired Elf and Chestnut

Rebecca Ferdinando as Valley Girl Elf

Craig Fairbrass as The Mercenary

Terry Stone as Mercenary

Alex Walkinshaw as Reporter

Directed by Leon Joosen, Aaron Seelman

Screenplay by Ricky Roxburgh

Story by Tony Nottage

Produced by Terry Stone, Nick Simunek, Carolyn Bennett

Music by Grant Olding, Mark Yaeger

Production companies: Gateway Films, Prana Studios

Distributed by The Weinstein Company, Cinema Management Group

Release date: 1 November 2013