Runaway Brain 1995 Disney Mickey Mouse Short Cartoon Film

What's your review of the 1995 Disney Mickey Mouse short cartoon film Runaway Brain? It's directed by Chris Bailey, with a voice cast including Wayne Allwine, Russi Taylor, Kelsey Grammer, Bill Farmer, and Jim Cummings. #RunawayBrain #MickeyMouse #cartoons Do you want to watch Runaway Brain? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About Runaway Brain

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Runaway Brain plot from IMDb: "In an attempt to convince Minnie that he hasn't forgotten to buy her an anniversary present, Mickey Mouse ends up promising to take her to Hawaii. Funds being short, he applies for a job as lab assistant to the sinister Dr. Frankenollie, who happens to be searching for a donor to provide his monstrous creation with a brain..."

Cast and Characters:

Wayne Allwine as Mickey Mouse

Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse

Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frankenollie

Jim Cummings as Julius

Bill Farmer as Pluto

Directed by Chris Bailey

Story by Tim Hauser

Produced by Ron Tippe

Music by John Debney

Animation by Andreas Deja, Gary Dunn, Sylvain Deboissy

Color process: Technicolor

Production companies: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Feature Animation

Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Release date: August 11, 1995 (with A Kid in King Arthur's Court)

Running time: 7 minutes


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Is Runaway Brain on Disney?

Why is Runaway Brain controversial?

Why is Runaway Brain not on Disney plus?

Runaway Brain is not on Disney Plus due to the portrayal of an "evil Mickey Mouse" character.