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Rugrats All Grown Up S04E05 Ladies Man

What's your review of the Rugrats All Grown Up episode Ladies Man (S04E05)?

#Rugrats #AllGrownUp #RugratsAllGrownUp Do you want to watch Rugrats All Grown Up? Did you enjoy the full show or just parts of it?

About Rugrats All Grown Up Season 4 Episode 05 (4x05) Ladies Man

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Cast and Characters:

Elizabeth Daily - Tommy Pickles

Nancy Cartwright - Chuckie Finster

Kath Soucie - Phil DeVille / Lil DeVille / Betty DeVille

Cheryl Chase - Angelica Pickles

Cree Summer - Susie Carmichael

Tara Strong - Dil Pickles

Pat Musick - Harold Frumpkin

Clancy Brown - Pangborn

Grey Griffin - Mario

Ann Magnuson - Miss O'Keats

Dempsey Pappion - Darryl

Barry Stigler - Pirate


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