Police Academy 1984 Film | Steve Guttenberg, G.W. Bailey, Kim Cattrall

What's your review of the 1984 cop comedy film Police Academy, directed by Hugh Wilson, and starring Steve Guttenberg, G.W. Bailey, Kim Cattrall? #PoliceAcademy #StevenGuttenberg #KimCattrall Do you want to watch Police Academy? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!


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Police Academy plot from IMDb: "A group of good-hearted, but incompetent misfits enter the police academy, but the instructors there are not going to put up with their pranks."

The Police Academy trailer can be found online.

Directed by Hugh Wilson

Produced by Paul Maslansky

Screenplay by Neal Israel, Pat Proft, Hugh Wilson

Story by Neal Israel, Pat Proft

Music by Robert Folk

Cinematography: Michael D. Margulies

Edited by Robert Brown, Zach Staenberg

Production company: The Ladd Company

Distributed by Warner Bros.

Release date: March 22, 1984

Running time: 96 minutes

Budget: $4.5 million

Box office: $81.1 million

Cast and Characters:

Academy Cadets

Steve Guttenberg as Cadet Carey Mahoney

Kim Cattrall as Cadet Karen Thompson

Bubba Smith as Cadet Moses Hightower

Donovan Scott as Cadet Leslie Barbara

Michael Winslow as Cadet Larvell Jones

Andrew Rubin as Cadet George Martin

David Graf as Cadet Eugene Tackleberry

Bruce Mahler as Cadet Douglas Fackler

Marion Ramsey as Cadet Laverne Hooks

Brant Von Hoffman as Cadet Kyle Blankes

Scott Thomson as Cadet Chad Copeland

Academy staff

G. W. Bailey as Lt. Thaddeus Harris

George Gaynes as Cmndt. Eric Lassard

Leslie Easterbrook as Sgt. Debbie Callahan

George R. Robertson as Chief Henry J. Hurst


Debralee Scott as Violet Fackler

Ted Ross as Captain Reed

Doug Lennox as Main Bad Guy

Georgina Spelvin as Hooker

Don Lake as Mr. Wig

Michael J. Reynolds as Office Executive

Joyce Gordon as Mrs. Thompson

Gary Farmer as Sidewalk Store Owner

John Hawkes as Tesky Truck Driver

Kay Hawtrey as Surprise Party Lady

Dar Robinson as Plaid Thug

TJ Scott as Tough

Hugh Wilson as Angry Driver

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