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Peanuts S01E09b Snoopy the Superstar | Charlie Brown TV Series

What's your review of the Peanuts Charlie Brown TV series episode Snoopy the Superstar (S01E09b)?

#CharlieBrown #Peanuts #Snoopy Do you want to watch Peanuts episodes? Did you enjoy the full show or just parts of it?

About Peanuts Season 1 Episode 9 (1x09) Snoopy the Superstar

Peanuts Snoopy the Superstar on IMDb:

Peanuts Series Cast and Characters:

Aiden Lewandowski as Charlie Brown

Emma Yarovinsky as Sally Brown

Bella Stine as Lucy Van Pelt / Crybaby Boobie / Peggy Jean

Jude Perry as Linus Van Pelt

Cassidy May Benullo as Frieda / Eudora / Lydia

Caleel Harris as Franklin

Lily Zager as Patricia "Peppermint Patty" Reichardt / Molley Volley

Finn Carr as Rerun van Pelt

Taylor Autumn Bertman as Marcie / Sally Brown

Sage Correa as Pig-Pen

Daniel Thornton as Schroeder / Snoopy

Andy Beall as Woodstock

Based on Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz

Production companies: Peanuts Worldwide, Normaal Animation, Dall'Angelo Pictures


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