Our First Video | Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen 1993 VHS

Updated: Feb 15

What's your review of Mary-Kate and Ashley's first VHS: Our First Video from 1993? It stars Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, and was written by Michael Kruzan. [OPEN FOR LINKS AND FACTS!] #OurFirstVideo #MaryKateOlsen #AshleyOlsen Do you want to watch Mary Kate and Ashey Olsen's Our First Video? Songs include I Am the Cute One, No One Tells the President What to Do, Brother for Sale, One Buffalo Two Buffali, Identical Twins, Mom's Song (We Think We'll Keep You), and Peanut Butter. Did you enjoy the full VHS or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About Mary-Kate and Ashey's Our First Video

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From IMDb: "This dynamic duo Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, had found a home on the ABC TV series, Full House. At the age of 7, they released their first video, this delightful program which contains seven music videos including "Brother for Sale"."

Directors: W.L. Boyd (segment Peanut Butter), Rick Friedberg (segment Brother For Sale), Gary Halvorson (segments Identical Twins, Mom's Song)

Writers: Michael Kruzan, Caroline Ignacio (interstitials), John Scilipote(interstitials)

Our First Video Songs:

I Am the Cute One

No One Tells the President What to Do

Brother for Sale

One Buffalo Two Buffali

Identical Twins

Mom's Song (We Think We'll Keep You)

Peanut Butter