Ms Matched 2016 Hallmark Film | Alexa PenaVega, Shawn Roberts

What's your review of the 2016 Hallmark film Ms Matched? It's directed by Mark Jean, and stars Alexa PenaVega and Shawn Roberts. #MsMatched #Hallmark #AlexaPenaVega Do you want to watch Ms Matched? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About Ms Matched

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Ms Matched plot from IMDb: "Upstart wedding planner Libby Boland makes dreams come true by designing romantic fairy tale weddings for her clients. Problem is there's no romance in her own life. All that changes when she falls for Ben Reynolds, author of the new book, 'Wedding Day Do's and Don'ts." Unfortunately, their blossoming romance is threatened when she discovers that Ben's book is a primer for getting married on the cheap -- completely incompatible with everything she believes. Sparks fly at a wedding expo where Libby and Ben battle over clients. But when Libby's livelihood is threatened, Ben finds a creative way to come to her rescue."

Director: Mark Jean

Writers: Monica Parker (teleplay), Jennifer Barrow (teleplay), Rich Tabach (teleplay)

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Alexa PenaVega as Libby Boland

Shawn Roberts as Ben Reynolds

Leah Gibson as Michelle

Elise Gatien as Annie

Andrew Francis as Alex

Chris Shields as Eldon

Laura Soltis as Meredith

Michael P. Northey as Cake King

David Lloyd as Bobby D (as David Lloydy)

Paula Giroday as Bobby G

Nathan Witte as Vinny

Ben Wilkinson as Brian

Chiara Zanni as Samantha

David Mathews as Minister #1 (as David Matthews)

Carey Feehan as Daniel

Leala Selina as Cassandra

Wes Barker as Magician (Bill)

Dario Giordani as Julian