Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen | Two of a Kind Diaries #9 Calling All Boys

What's your review of the Two of a Kind Diares Calling All Boys, the ninth book in the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen TV book series? [OPEN FOR LINKS AND FACTS!] #MaryKateOlsen #AshleyOlsen #TwoofaKind Do you want to read Two of a Kind books? Scroll down for more series information!


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"Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley, the Tween Queen Twins! Your new best friends have just arrived…

Part One of a special 3-part mini-series, TWO OF A KIND DIARIES! Written in diary format and featuring excerpts from the twins' letters and e-mails to one another.

Dear Diary,

When Mary-Kate and I packed up to come to White Oak Academy, I thought boarding school would be like regular school. But it's totally strange! The principal is called a headmistress, seventh grade is called first form, and my roommate is called well – I call her weird. And the worst thing is there's this huge dance coming up.

I know I know. I, Ashley Burke, don’t want to go to a dance? But here's the deal – the girls have to ask the boys. And I don’t know any.


By Judy Katschke.

From the series created by Robert Griffard and Howard Adler."