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What's your review of the 1988 Italian film La Maschera (The Mask)? It's directed by Fiorella Infascelli, and stars Helena Bonham Carter. #LaMaschera #TheMask #HelenaBonhamCarter Do you want to watch La Maschera? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About La Maschera

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La Maschera plot from IMDb: "A debauched nobleman offers himself to a beautiful woman, but she is repelled by his advances. He dons a mask and tries again, and this time is more successful. But the mask cannot conceal the evil in his soul."

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Helena Bonham Carter - Iris

Michael Maloney - Leonardo

Feodor Chaliapin, Jr. - Leonardo's father

Roberto Herlitzka - Elia

Alberto Cracco - Viola

Michele De Marchi - Theatre Company Manager

Valentina Lainati - Maria

Saskia Colombaioni - Saskia

Arnaldo Colombaioni - Nani

Valerio Colombaioni - Ercolino

Walter Colombaioni - Acrobata

Maria Tedeschi - Talia

Massimo Fedele - Don Gaetano

Directed by Fiorella Infascelli

Written by Adriano Aprà, Ennio De Concini, Fiorella Infascelli, Enzo Ungari

Produced Ettore Rosboch, Lilia Smecchia

Cinematography: Acácio de Almeida

Edited by Francesco Malvestito

Music by Luis Enríquez Bacalov

Release date: May 1988

Running time: 90 minutes

Language: Italian

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