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What's your review of the 1995 La Haine film? Love French language movies? #LaHaine #French #cinema Do you like French films and movies originating in France? Did you see the trailer and then rush out to see the full movie or buy the DVD or blu ray? I’d love to know your own reviews if you saw it in the cinema or streamed it online! You can scroll down for more information, or check out the Rotten Tomatoes rating, IMDb page, or Wikipedia article!

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Hate, Hadet, Hatet, Mržnja, Droits du cité, 憎しみ, Neapykanta, Sovraštvo, Hass

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About the La Haine French Movie 1995

Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz

Produced by Christophe Rossignon

Written by Mathieu Kassovitz

Starring Vincent Cassel, Hubert Koundé, Saïd Taghmaoui

Music by Assassin

Cinematography: Pierre Aïm

Edited by Mathieu Kassovitz, Scott Stevenson

Distributed by Canal+

Release date: 27 May 1995 (Cannes), 31 May 1995 (France)

Running time: 98 minutes

Country: France

Language: French

Budget: $2.6 million

Box office: $15.3 million

La Haine Plot from IMDb: “24 hours in the lives of three young men in the French suburbs the day after a violent riot.”

La Haine Awards and Nominations:

Best Director (1995 Cannes Film Festival) - Mathieu Kassovitz

Best Editing (César Awards) - Mathieu Kassovitz and Scott Stevenson

Best Film (César Awards) - Mathieu Kassovitz

Best Producer (César Awards) - Christophe Rossignon

Best Young Film (European Film Awards) - Mathieu Kassovitz

Best Foreign Language Film (Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards)

Best Director (Lumières Award) - Mathieu Kassovitz

Best Film (Lumières Award) - Mathieu Kassovitz

La Haine Cast and Characters:

Vincent Cassel Vinz

Hubert Koundé Hubert

Saïd Taghmaoui Saïd

Abdel Ahmed Ghili Abdel

Solo Santo

Joseph Momo Ordinary Guy

Héloïse Rauth Sarah

Rywka Wajsbrot Vinz's Grandmother

Olga Abrego Vinz's Aunt

Laurent Labasse Cook

Choukri Gabteni Saïd's Brother

Nabil Ben Mhamed Boy Blague

Benoît Magimel Benoît

Médard Niang Médard

Arash Mansour Arash

Abdel-Moulah Boujdouni Young Businessman

Mathilde Vitry Journalist

Christian Moro CRS TV Journalist

JiBi Fat Youth

Edouard Montoute Darty

Félicité Wouassi Hubert's mother

Fatou Thioune Hubert's Sister

Thang-Long Grocer (as Thang Long)

Cut Killer DJ

Sabrina Houicha Saïd's Sister

Sandor Weltmann Vinz Lookalike

François Levantal Astérix

Julie Mauduech Gallery Girl

Karin Viard Gallerly Girl

Peter Kassovitz Gallery Patron

Vincent Lindon Really Drunk Man

Christophe Rossignon Taxi Driver

Mathieu Kassovitz Young Skinhead

Anthony Souter Skin

Florent Lavandeira Skin

Teddy Marques Skin

Samir Khelif Skin

Tadek Lokcinski Monsieur Toilettes

Virginie Montel SDF Metro

Andrée Damant Concierge

Marcel Marondo Bouncer

Karim Belkhadra Samir

Marc Duret Inspector Notre Dame

Eric Pujol Assistant Policeman

Philippe Nahon Police Chief

Sébastien Tavel Hospital police officer

François Toumarkine Hospital police officer

José Dalmat Hospital Police Officer (as José-Philippe Dalmat)

Zinedine Soualem Plainclothes Police Officer

Bernie Bonvoisin Plainclothes Police Officer

Cyril Ancelin Plainclothes Police Officer

Patrick Médioni CRS Cave

Produced by Adeline Lecallier, Alain Rocca, Christophe Rossignon, Gilles Sacuto

Music by Assassin

Cinematography by Pierre Aïm

Film Editing by Mathieu Kassovitz, Scott Stevenson

Production Design by Giuseppe Ponturo

Costume Design by Virginie Montel

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