Kind Hearts and Coronets 1949 Film | Dennis Price + Alec Guinness

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Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): 慈悲心肠, 好心肠与王冠, As Oito Vítimas, Israel Rank

Kind Hearts and Coronets plot from IMDb: "A distant poor relative of the Duke D'Ascoyne plots to inherit the title by murdering the eight other heirs who stand ahead of him in the line of succession."

Directed by Robert Hamer

Produced by Michael Balcon, Michael Relph

Screenplay by Robert Hamer, John Dighton

Based on Israel Rank: The Autobiography of a Criminal by Roy Horniman

Music by Ernest Irving

Cinematography: Douglas Slocombe

Edited by Peter Tanner

Production company: Ealing Studios

Distributed by General Film Distributors (UK)

Release date: 13 June 1949 (UK)

Running time: 106 minutes

Cast and Characters:

Dennis Price as Louis Mazzini and his father

Alec Guinness as nine members of the D'Ascoyne family:

Ethelred, 8th Duke of Chalfont

Ethelred's four younger brothers:

The Reverend Lord Henry

General Lord Rufus

Admiral Lord Horatio

Lord Ascoyne, Banker

Lady Agatha D'Ascoyne, Ethelred's sister

Ethelred's nephews:

Young Ascoyne

Young Henry

The seventh duke, Ethelred's father, in brief flashback sequences

Valerie Hobson as Edith

Joan Greenwood as Sibella

Audrey Fildes as Mama

Miles Malleson as the hangman

Clive Morton as the prison governor

John Penrose as Lionel

Cecil Ramage as the crown counsel

Hugh Griffith as the Lord High Steward, who presides over Louis's trial

John Salew as Mr Perkins

Eric Messiter as Inspector Burgoyne of Scotland Yard

Lyn Evans as the farmer

Barbara Leake as the schoolmistress

Peggy Ann Clifford as Maud Redpole

Anne Valery as the Girl in the punt

Arthur Lowe as the Tit-Bits reporter

Jeremy Spenser as Louis as a boy (uncredited)

Laurence Naismith as Warder in Jail (uncredited)