Juke Box Jamboree 1942 Walter Lantz Productions Short Film

What's your review of the 1942 Walter Lantz Productions short film Juke Box Jamboree? It's directed by Alex Lovy. #JukeBoxJamboree #WalterLantz #1940s Do you want to watch Juke Box Jamboree? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About Juke Box Jamboree

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Juke Box Jamboree plot from IMDb: "A mouse, sleeping in the Zowie Cafe, has his sleep disturbed by the jukebox. He crawls into the machine, but the mechanism flings him out the coin return. The mouse lands in a glass of Zowie beverage, which he happily drinks. Bottles tip over, releasing the spirits (both alcoholic and ghostly) within. The ghosts form a band, at first just playing rhythm (with peanuts as maracas). Turtles in the cafe's fountain start dancing. A lobster on a plate does a 'Carmen Miranda' impression. The figures on a lamp dance around the shade. A cactus dances with the mouse. The mouse hits the floor, knocking several mouse ghosts loose; they form a conga line, leading to the mouse's bed, where he falls back to sleep."

Director: Alex Lovy

Writers: Ben Hardaway (story), Chuck Couch (story)

Stars: Mel Blanc, Zedra Conde