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It's Hot Magazine! 90s Nostalgia Teen Pop Mag Overview

Did you love It's Hot magazine from the 90s and noughties? Join me as I look through two issues of the nostalgia teen pop mag from 2003 and 2004! #90s #nostalgia #magazines Which magazines did you love most as a child or teenager? I'd love to know your favourites! Scroll down for some inspiration and a look at what can be found inside these issues of It's Hot!

Other 90s and noughties teenage magazines UK:


Top of the Pops

Smash Hits

I Heart Pop






Inside these issue's you'll find:

Lots of Busted articles and potential clippings!

Mary-Kate and Ashley dolls

Celeb gossip

CBBC articles

VHS adverts!

Fashion don'ts

Adopt a dolphin!

Beyonce poster


Cringe stories

Giveaways and prizes

S Club 8 diaries

S Club Juniors posters

Top of the Pops comic strip

Boybad interviews

Blue and Blazin' Squad

EastEnders cartoon comic strip

Monophonic and polyphonic ringtones

Song lyrics

Atomic Kitten

S Club 7

Readers' letters

In a Spin

Star Signs

Avril Lavigne

Girls Aloud

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