IT Chapter 2 2019 Clown Film | Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise

Updated: Apr 9

What's your review of the 201 sequel IT Chapter 2 with Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise? #Pennywise #IT #clown #BillSkarsgard Did you prefer it to IT Chapter 1, or even to the Tim Curry IT miniseries? Do you want to watch IT Chapter 2? I'd love to know your own IT Chapter 2 review!

It Chapter 2 Rotten Tomatoes rating:

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): It: Chapter 2, It - A Coisa: Capítulo 2, It - A Coisa: Capítulo Dois, Es - Kapitel 2, Es: Kapitel 2, Es - Kapitel Zwei, O: Bölüm 2, It: Chapter Two, 그것: 두 번째 이야기, Ça (2) : Chapitre 2, It - Chapter Two

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You can find out more on the IT Chapter 2 IMDb or IT Chapter 2 Wiki. IT 2 cast and IT 2 characters include:

IT 2 director Andy Muschietti

IT 2 screenplay Gary Dauberman

IT 2 novel Stephen King

Jessica Chastain Beverly Marsh

James McAvoy Bill Denbrough

Bill Hader Richie Tozier

Isaiah Mustafa Mike Hanlon

Jay Ryan Ben Hanscom

James Ransone Eddie Kaspbrak

Andy Bean Stanley Uris

Bill Skarsgård Pennywise

Jaeden Martell Young Bill Denbrough

Wyatt Oleff Young Stanley Uris

Jack Dylan Grazer Young Eddie Kaspbrak

Finn Wolfhard Young Richie Tozier

Sophia Lillis Young Beverly Marsh

Chosen Jacobs Young Mike Hanlon

Jeremy Ray Taylor Young Ben Hanscom