How Old Would Tracy Beaker Be Now? | Jacqueline Wilson FAQ

How old would Tracy Beaker be now?

Jacqueline Wilson’s children’s novel the Story of Tracy Beaker was released in 1991. In the book, Tracy Beaker was a 10 year old girl who lived in the Dumping Ground, which was a children’s home.

This means that Tracy Beaker would have been born in 1981. As it is currently 2022, Tracy Beaker would now be around 41.

If this question refers strictly to the television version of Tracy Beaker, however, she would be in her 30s. Dani Harmer, the actress who has played Tracy Beaker on and off since 2002, was born in 1989. This would make the TV Tracy Beaker a little bit younger than the book version of Tracy Beaker.