House 1985 Film | William Katt, George Wendt

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House plot from IMDb: "A troubled writer moves into a haunted house after inheriting it from his aunt."

House trailer on IMDb:

Directed by Steve Miner

Produced by Sean S. Cunningham

Screenplay by Ethan Wiley

Story by Fred Dekker

Music by Harry Manfredini

Cinematography: Mac Ahlberg

Edited by Michael N. Knue

Distributed by New World Pictures

Release date: February 28, 1986

Running time: 93 minutes

Budget: $3 million

Box office: $22.1 million

Cast and Characters:

William Katt as Roger Cobb

George Wendt as Harold Gorton

Richard Moll as Big Ben

Kay Lenz as Sandy Sinclair

Mary Stävin as Tanya

Michael Ensign as Chet Parker

Susan French as Aunt Elizabeth Hooper

Erik Silver and Mark Silver as Jimmy

Peter Pitofsky as Sandywitch

Felix Silla as Little Critter

Elizabeth Barrington as Little Critter

Jerry Maren as Little Critter

Dino Andrade as Little Critter (Critter Voices)

Mindy Sterling as Woman in Bookstore

Alan Autry as Police Officer

Steven Williams as Police Officer

Kane Hodder was the stunt coordinator on the film.