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Updated: Apr 23

What's your review of the 1990 Christmas film Home Alone, starring Macaulay Culkin as Kevin? #HomeAlone #MacaulayCulkin #JoePesci Do you like to watch Home Alone? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more movie information!


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Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Один удома, Один вдома, Hjemme alene, Ensam Hemma, अकेला घर, Maman, j'ai raté l'avion, Mi Pobre Angelito, Homu aron, Μόνος στο σπίτι, Singur acasa, హోమ్ అలోన్, Alene Hjemme, Üksinda kodus, Esqueceram de Mim, Home Alone 1

Home Alone plot from IMDb: "An eight-year-old troublemaker must protect his house from a pair of burglars when he is accidentally left home alone by his family during Christmas vacation."

The Home Alone trailer can be found on YouTube.

Directed by Chris Columbus

Produced by John Hughes

Written by John Hughes

Music by John Williams

Cinematography: Julio Macat

Edited by Raja Gosnell

Production company: Hughes Entertainment

Distributed by 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Release date: November 10, 1990 (Chicago), November 16, 1990 (United States)

Running time: 103 minutes

Budget: $18 million

Box office: $477.1 million


For reference, below is a list of frequently asked questions and discussion topics! I'll answer some where possible!

Can I watch Home Alone on YouTube?

Can you drive by the Home Alone house?


Can you get Home Alone on Netflix?


Can you go inside the Home Alone house?


Does anyone live in the Home Alone house?

Yes, it is privately owned.

Does anyone live in the McCallister house?

Does Disney own Home Alone?

Does Macaulay Culkin still get money from Home Alone?

How big is the Home Alone house?

How can I watch Home Alone UK?

Disney Plus.

How does Home Alone end?

How famous is Home Alone?


How long did it take to write Home Alone?

How many rooms are in the Home Alone house?

How much did Home Alone 1 make?

$476.7 million at the box office

How much did Home Alone 4 make?

How much did Kevin spend in Home Alone 2?

How much did Macaulay Culkin make in Home Alone?

How much does Home Alone make each year?

How much is the house worth in Home Alone?

A lot!

How old was Macaulay Culkin when he filmed Home Alone?

How popular is Home Alone now?

Is Home Alone 1 on Disney Plus?


Is Home Alone 4 a remake?

Not really.

Is Home Alone 4 appropriate for kids?

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Is Home Alone 4 on Disney Plus?


Is Home Alone 4 The Worst movie Ever?

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Is Home Alone on Amazon Prime free?

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Is Home Alone on Disney Plus UK?


Is Home Alone on Netflix in any country?

Is Home Alone on Netflix or Hulu?

Is Home Alone rated G?

Is Home Alone scary?

Maybe for some young children.

Is Kevin from Home Alone dead?

Is Kevin in Home Alone 6?

Is Kieran Culkin Macaulay Culkin's brother?


Is Macaulay Culkin going to be in Home Alone 6?

Is the movie Home Alone based on a true story?

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Was it real snow in Home Alone?

Was it really snowing in Home Alone?

What cartoon was Kevin watching on his first night alone in the house?

What did Kevin Buy in Home Alone 2?

What did Mr Duncan give Kevin?

What did Peter McCallister do for a living?

What do Kevin McCallister's parents do?

What does Kevin McCallister do now?

Who knows!

What does Kevin put on his face?

What does lazy competent mean in Home Alone?

What does the girl say in French in Home Alone?

What flag is in Home Alone?

What genre is Home Alone?

Comedy, slapstick.

What happened to Buzz on Home Alone?

What is glued to Harry's face in Home Alone?

What is Home Alone on for free?

Disney Plus

What is Kevin McCallister's dad job?

What is Kevin McCallister's real name?

Macaulay Culkin

What is the theme of Home Alone?

Don't leave your children home alone...

What lesson can you learn from Home Alone?

What movie was Kevin watching in Home Alone?

What platforms is Home Alone on?

Disney Plus

What was Kevin watching in Home Alone 2?

What was the black and white movie in Home Alone?

What was the movie Kevin was watching in Home Alone?

What was the profit on Home Alone?

What's the gangster movie in Home Alone?

When did they film Home Alone 2?

Around 1991/1992.

Where can I watch Home Alone 4 and 5?

Disney Plus.

Where does Home Alone take place?

Where is the real Home Alone house located?

Where was Home Alone 1 filmed?

Where was the movie Home Alone filmed?

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Why did Macaulay Culkin leave Home Alone?

Why did the Home Alone cast change?

Why did the Home Alone kid go to jail?

Why did they make a Home Alone 3?

Because it's a popular film series!

Why didn't Culkin Do Home Alone 3?

Why Home Alone is not a Christmas movie?

It's not very festive...

Why is Home Alone a Christmas movie?

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Why is Home Alone so great?

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