Hard Candy 2005 Film | Elliot Page as Ellen Page

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Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): 網交陷阱, Niña Mala, Menina Má Ponto Com, Cukorfalat

Hard Candy plot from IMDb: "A teenager meets a man in order to expose him under the suspicion that he abducts underage girls."

The Hard Candy trailer can be found on YouTube.

Directed by David Slade

Produced by Rosanne Korenberg, Paul Allen

Written by Brian Nelson

Music by Molly Nyman, Harry Escott

Cinematography: Jo Willems

Edited by Art Jones

Production company: Vulcan Productions, Launchpad Productions

Distributed by Lionsgate

Release date: January 21, 2005 (Sundance), April 14, 2006 (United States)

Running time: 104 minutes

Budget: $950,000

Box office: $8.3 million

Cast and Characters:

Elliot Page as Hayley Stark

Patrick Wilson as Jeff Kohlver

Sandra Oh as Judy Tokuda, the neighbor

Jennifer Holmes as Janelle Rogers

Erin Kraft as Donna Mauer in photos

Gabe Kerr as Nighthawks Clerk

Cori Bright as Girl in Nighthawks