Gothic 1986 Film | Gabriel Byrne as Lord Byron | Ken Russell Movie

What's your review of hte 1986 Ken Russell film with Gabriel Byrne as Lord Byron? #LordByron #Byron #Gothic Love a poetry movie? Check ou thte Lord Byron movie Gothic! Yes, this is a Lord Byron film (based on truth though not quite a Lord Byron documentary!) involving Lord Byron and the Shelleys (Mary Shelley, Percy Byssche Shelley) with Polidori in Villa Diodati. You can find out more on IMDb or Wiki!


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Gothic director Ken Russell

Gothic Writer Stephen Volk

Gothic Cast and characters include:

Gabriel Byrne Gothic Byron

Julian Sands Gothic Shelley

Natasha Richardson Gothic Mary Shelley

Myriam Cyr Gothic Claire Clairmont

Timothy Spall Gothic Dr Polidori

Alec Mango Gothic Murray

Andreas Wisniewski Gothic Fletcher

Dexter Fletcher Gothic Rushton