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About Goldfinger

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): 007 - Missione Goldfinger, Голдфингер, 007 James Bond contra Goldfinger, Τζέιμς Μποντ, Πράκτωρ 007: Εναντίων Χρυσοδάκτυλου, 007: Goldfinger, 007 ゴールドフィンガー, James Bond: Goldfinger, 007 Голдфингър, 007: Contra Goldfinger, 007 ja Kultasormi, 007 och Guldfinger, Голдфінгер, Джеймс Бонд. Агент 007: Голдфінгер, Dedos de oro, James Bond 03 - Goldfinger, (1964) Goldfinger

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Goldfinger plot from IMDb: "While investigating a gold magnate's smuggling, James Bond uncovers a plot to contaminate the Fort Knox gold reserve."

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Sean Connery as James Bond

Gert Fröbe as Auric Goldfinger

Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore

Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson

Tania Mallet as Tilly Masterson

Harold Sakata as Oddjob(as Harold Sakata {Tosh Togo})

Bernard Lee as 'M'

Martin Benson as Solo

Cec Linder as Felix Leiter

Austin Willis as Simmons

Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny

Bill Nagy as Midnight

Michael Mellinger as Kisch

Peter Cranwell as Johnny

Nadja Regin as Bonita

Richard Vernon as Colonel Smithers

Burt Kwouk as Mr. Ling

Desmond Llewelyn as 'Q'

Directed by Guy Hamilton

Screenplay by Richard Maibaum, Paul Dehn

Based on Goldfinger by Ian Fleming

Produced by Harry Saltzman, Albert R. Broccoli

Cinematography: Ted Moore

Edited by Peter R. Hunt

Music by John Barry

Production company: Eon Productions

Distributed by United Artists

Release dates: 17 September 1964 (London, premiere), 18 September 1964 (United Kingdom), 22 December 1964 (United States)

Running time: 110 minutes

Budget: $3 million

Box office: $125 million


For reference, below is a list of frequently asked questions and discussion topics! I'll answer some where possible!

How did Goldfinger smuggle?

Is Goldfinger the best Bond movie?

It's definitely arguably high up there, apparently!

Was the real Fort Knox used in Goldfinger?

The exterior of Fort Knox featured in Goldfinger.

What does Goldfinger use to smuggle his gold?

What happened to Auric Goldfinger?

What was Goldfinger's plan?


What year was Goldfinger set?


When did Ian Fleming write Goldfinger?


Where did they film the Fort Knox scene in Goldfinger?

The Fort Knox interior scenes were filed at Pinewood Studios.

Where is Goldfinger filmed?


Where was the pool scene in Goldfinger filmed?

Fontainebleau in Miami

Who gets painted gold in Goldfinger?

Who was Goldfinger's henchman in the 1964 film?

Who was the real Goldfinger?

Why is Goldfinger called Goldfinger?

Why is Goldfinger so good?

Decent narrative, good special effects, awesome gadgets!