Garfield's Halloween Adventure 1985 Cartoon Short Film | Garfield In Disguise

What's your review of the 1985 animated cartoon short film Garfield's Halloween Adventure (or Garfield In Disguise)? It's directed by Phil Roman.

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About Garfield's Halloween Adventure

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Garfield rémes-krémes éjszakája, Garfield no Halloween, Garfield en vacances - Halloween, Le vacanze di Garfield, Garfield und die Pirateninsel, Garfield e le avventure di Halloween

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Garfield's Halloween Adventure plot from IMDb: "When Garfield and Odie are out trick-or-treating, they end up at a haunted house."

Cast and Characters:

Lorenzo Music as Garfield

Thom Huge as Jon Arbuckle/Binky the Clown

Gregg Berger as Odie/TV Announcer

C. Lindsay Workman as Old Man

Desirée Goyette as Woman at the door

Created by Jim Davis

Written by Jim Davis

Directed by Phil Roman

Theme music composer: Ed Bogas and Desirée Goyette (music and lyrics), Lou Rawls and Lorenzo Music (vocals)

Executive producer: Jay Poynor

Producer: Phil Roman

Editors: Mark R. Crookston, Sam Horta

Running time: 24 minutes

Production companies: Film Roman, United Media Productions

Original network: CBS

Original release: October 30, 1985