Fletch 1985 Film | Chevy Chase

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Fletch plot from IMDb: "Irwin M. "Fletch" Fletcher is a newspaper reporter being offered a large sum to off a cancerous millionaire, but is on the run, risking his job and finding clues when it's clear the man is healthy."

Fletch trailer on IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089155/

Directed by Michael Ritchie

Produced by Peter Douglas, Alan Greisman

Written by Andrew Bergman

Based on Fletch by Gregory Mcdonald

Music by Harold Faltermeyer

Cinematography: Fred Schuler

Edited by Richard A. Harris

Distributed by Universal Pictures

Release date: May 31, 1985

Running time: 98 minutes

Budget: $8 million

Box office: $59 million

Cast and Characters:

Chevy Chase as Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher

Joe Don Baker as Chief Karlin

Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Gail Stanwyk

Richard Libertini as Frank Walker

Tim Matheson as Alan Stanwyk

M. Emmet Walsh as Dr. Dolan

George Wendt as Fat Sam

Kenneth Mars as Stanton Boyd

Geena Davis as Larry

Bill Henderson as Speaker

George Wyner as Marvin Gillet

Larry "Flash" Jenkins as Gummy

Ralph Seymour as Creasy