Fish Tales 1936 Warner Bros Looney Tunes Porky Pig Cartoon Short Film

What's your review of the 1936 Disney Warner Bros Looney Tunes animated cartoon short film Fish Tales? It's directed by Jack King, and features Porky Pig.

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About Fish Tales

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Fish Tales plot from IMDb: "Porky's going fishing, but his boat careens out of control. He finally settles in and quickly catches several fish, then falls asleep with his line in the water."

Cast and Characters:

Count Cutelli as Porky Whistling

Joe Dougherty as Porky Pig

Directed by Jack King

Produced by Leon Schlesinger

Music by Norman Spencer

Animation by Bob McKimson, Don Williams, John Carey (uncredited), Norman McCabe (uncredited)

Color process: Black & white, Color (1968 redrawn colorized and 1992 computer colorized versions)

Production company: Warner Bros. Cartoons

Distributed by Warner Bros, The Vitaphone Corporation

Release date: May 23, 1936 (USA)

Running time: 7:30