Does Minnie Mouse Wear a Pink or a Red Dress? | Disney FAQ

Does Minnie Mouse wear a pink or red dress?

Minnie Mouse wears a polka dot dress that is sometimes red and sometimes pink.

For example, the classic Minnie outfit at the Disney parks is red. However, in Minnie’s Bow-Toons she wears pink. In the Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, she’s actually wearing a red skirt.

In early colour cartoons. Minnie could actually be seen wearing blue with a flower hat. In her first colour appearance On Ice in 1935, she is wearing a yellow skirt with white polka dots.

Nowadays she almost always wears a bow, which is either pink or red to match her dress. The colour of her dress can vary depending on the cartoon, but both pink and red are generally considered to be classic Minnie Mouse outfit colours.