Do You Know the Muffin Man? 1989 Film | Pam Dawber

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Plot from IMDb: "A police officer and his wife are shocked to find that molestation has been going on at the neighborhood day care. They're devastated when they find that their own son might be a victim too. Should they have known, should they have seen?"

Written by Daniel Freudenberger

Directed by Gilbert Cates

Music by Lee Holdridge

Executive producers: Jon Avnet, Jordan Kerner

Producer: Daniel Freudenberger

Cinematography: Mark Irwin

Editor: Peter Berger

Running time: 90 minutes

Production company: The Avnet/Kerner Company

Distributor: CBS

Original network: CBS

Original release: October 22, 1989

Cast and Characters:

Pam Dawber - Kendra Dollison

John Shea - Roger Dollison

Brian Bonsall - Teddy Dollison

Stephen Dorff - Sandy Dollison