Disney's House of Mouse S01E10 Donald's Lamp Trade

What's your review of Disney's House of Mouse episode Donald's Lamp Trade (S01E10)? It's directed by Tony Craig and Bobs Gannaway, and features Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy. Cartoons include Survival of the Woodchucks and Goofy's Radio.

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About Disney's House of Mouse Donald's Lamp Trade (Season 1 Episode 10, 1x10)

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Writers: Kevin Campbell, Gregg Taylor, Steve Roberts

Cast and characters:

Wayne Allwine - Mickey Mouse

Tony Anselmo - Donald Duck / Huey / Dewey / Louie

Corey Burton - Radio DJ

Bill Farmer - Goofy / Practical Pig

Jonathan Freeman - Jafar

Maurice LaMarche - Basil of Baker Street / Ratigan

Tress MacNeille - Daisy Duck / The Fates

Tony Pope - Gepetto

Rod Roddy - Mike

Russi Taylor - Minnie Mouse

Michael Welch - Pinocchio

Frank Welker - Gus Goose