Did the Good Dinosaur flop? | The Good Dinosaur FAQ

Did the Good Dinosaur flop?

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This is a frequently asked question on Google. I’m providing an answer here.

Financially, the Disney Pixar film the Good Dinosaur was considered a flop. It was released in 2015 and grossed worldwide at $332.2 million, according to Wikipedia.

While the film had a production budget of around $175–200 million, it also faced marketing costs of around $350 million.

In all the film lost around $85 million unadjusted for inflation.

However, in terms of ratings, the Good Dinosaur has an overall rating of 6.7 out of 10 on IMDb, and an audience score of 64% on Rotten Tomatoes. So the reception is pretty positive, even if financially it didn’t do too well!