Der Fuehrer's Face 1943 Disney Donald Duck Short Film

What's your review of the 1943 Disney Donald Duck short film Der Fuehrer's Face? It's directed by Jack Kinney. #DerFuehrersFace #Disney #DonaldDuck Do you want to watch Der Fuehrer's Face? Did you enjoy the full short or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About Der Fuehrer's Face

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): El rostro del Fuhrer

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Der Fuehrer's Face description from Wiki: "Der Fuehrer's Face (originally titled A Nightmare in Nutziland or Donald Duck in Nutziland) is a 1943 American animated anti-Nazi propaganda short film produced by Walt Disney Productions, created in 1942 and released on January 1, 1943 by RKO Radio Pictures. The cartoon, which features Donald Duck in a nightmare setting working at a factory in Nazi Germany, was made in an effort to sell war bonds and is an example of American propaganda during World War II. The film was directed by Jack Kinney and written by Joe Grant and Dick Huemer. Spike Jones released a version of Oliver Wallace's theme for the short before the film was released."

Voice Cast and Characters:

Clarence Nash as Donald Duck

Directed by Jack Kinney

Story by Joe Grant, Dick Huemer

Produced by Walt Disney

Music by Oliver Wallace

Animation by Bob Carlson, Les Clark, Bill Justice, Milt Neil, Charles Nichols, John Sibley

Layouts by Don DaGradi, Andy Engman

Color process: Technicolor

Production company: Walt Disney Productions

Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures

Release date: January 1, 1943

Running time: 8 minutes